We are thrilled to have attended the Llanelli Get Together Festival on Saturday 22nd June 2024, a vibrant event organised in partnership with Ymlaen Llanelli and Llanelli Council. This gathering provided a perfect platform for us to affirm our unwavering commitment to the community we proudly serve.

The festival, which brought together residents from across Llanelli, was a fantastic celebration of local culture, talent, and unity. As we mingled with attendees, we were reminded of the rich tapestry of our community and the importance of events like this that strengthen our collective bonds.

Our presence at the Llanelli Get Together Festival is a testament to Radio BGM’s dedication to being more than just a broadcaster; we are a vital part of the local fabric. We are committed to supporting and engaging with our community, ensuring that we reflect the voices, stories, and music that make Llanelli unique.

At Radio BGM, our mission is clear: to deliver a quality music and news service tailored to the interests and needs of Llanelli and the surrounding areas. We strive to be a reliable source of information and entertainment, providing our listeners with a diverse range of content that resonates with their daily lives. From local news updates to showcasing homegrown musical talent, we are here to keep you informed, entertained, and connected.

Attending the Llanelli Get Together Festival was a wonderful experience, reinforcing our belief in the power of community and the importance of local media. We look forward to many more opportunities to engage with our listeners in person and continue to serve the heart of Llanelli through our broadcasts.

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the festival. Your enthusiasm and support fuel our commitment to excellence. Stay tuned to Radio BGM for all the latest music, news, and community updates!

Take a look at our highlights from the event below: