King Charles & Queen Camilla at the 2024 Buckingham Palace Garden Party

The team here at Radio BGM, recently received a remarkable honour: an invitation to the King’s Garden Party at Buckingham Palace. This prestigious recognition was awarded in celebration of the station’s 50th anniversary and its unwavering commitment to serving the community.

The King’s Garden Party is an exclusive event that acknowledges the contributions of exceptional organisations and individuals across the United Kingdom. For Radio BGM, being invited to such a significant occasion highlights the impact of its decades-long dedication to the community. The station’s volunteers, the backbone of its operations, were thrilled to celebrate this milestone in such an esteemed setting​.

What sets Radio BGM apart is its deep-rooted connection with the local community. Our station is entirely volunteer-run, with individuals dedicating their time and talents to ensure continuous broadcasting. These volunteers provide a vital service, offering not just entertainment but also important local news and health information. Their efforts create a sense of community, particularly for hospital patients who benefit from the station’s comforting presence.

The station’s excellence has been recognised through multiple national awards, reflecting the high standards of its broadcasting and community service. These accolades underscore the dedication and hard work of its volunteers, who are committed to maintaining and growing the station’s positive impact on the community​.

The invitation to the King’s Garden Party was a momentous event for Radio BGM’s volunteers. It provided a unique opportunity to celebrate their achievements and to reflect on the station’s journey over the past 50 years. Being recognised at such a prestigious level affirmed the importance of their work and inspired them to continue their mission of serving the community with dedication and passion.

As Radio BGM moves into its next chapter, it remains committed to its core mission of providing a valuable service to both the hospital and the wider community of Llanelli. The station’s future looks bright, with ongoing support from local councils, businesses, and the community at large. Radio BGM is poised to continue creating amazing memories and making a significant impact for many more years to come.