Radio BGM Chair pictures alongside members of llanelli Rotary

Radio BGM is delighted to receive support of the Llanelli Rotary who have kindly donated £1,000 to help keep Llanelli’s Community Hospital Radio Station broadcasting.

Following a recent presentation Radio BGM provided the Rotary, talking about the station and the service it provides to the patients, staff and community, the organisation decided to support BGM with a generous donation to the tune of £1,000.

Radio BGM Chair, David Hurford said: “We are extremely grateful to Llanelli Rotary for their generous donation which will help to keep us on air 24/7. We are amongst many other charitable organisations who have sadly felt the pinch financially owing to the cost of living crisis so this extremely generous donation will undoubtedly provide a welcome boost to our finances and ensure we can replace crucial pieces of equipment which keep the radio station broadcasting.

“It was a pleasure to meet members of the Rotary both during a presentation about BGM and more recently where they attended our studios in Prince Philip Hospital to see first-hand how we deliver the service to the staff and patients. Thank you for thinking so generously of us!”

Pictured – Members of Radio BGM and Llanelli Rotary during a cheque presentation in Prince Philip Hospital.